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The Construction Industry Training Advisory Board has this to say about Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

"The introduction of mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important step in ensuring NSW has a professional home building industry capable of keeping pace with change.

The scheme will use avenues of professional development already available to the industry where appropriate - such as attendance at industry meetings or information sessions, participation on industry committees and undertaking training courses.

It will also recognise full-time work in the industry and involvement in apprenticeship training.

Builders, Supervisors and Contractors will be required to accumulate a specified number of points over a three year period. They will self-certify that these have been achieved by keeping a training diary. If they can't certify the minimum number of points over the required period, renewal of the licence will be refused.

Random audits will be conducted to gauge compliance and ensure the integrity of the system.

A training calendar will be prepared through the Construction Industry Training Advisory Board. It will include all seminars, workshops and courses conducted by industry associations and other training providers, as well as registered training organisations and tertiary institutions. This information will be circulated to the industry and promoted through the Home Building Service web site.

It is anticipated that the introduction of mandatory Continuing Professional Development will commence in March 2004.

The Home Building Service is responsible for the administration and monitoring of the continuing professional development program. These guidelines set out the requirements that must be fulfilled by the holders of individual contractor licences and Qualified Supervisors nominated and linked to a corporate or partnership licence in undertaking their continuing professional development.

Number of points to be completed:

A licensee or qualified supervisor certificate holder linked to a company or partnership licence must complete 100 points of continuing professional development over a three year period.

Types of activities to be completed:

The activities are grouped into categories of similar type allowing choice of a combination each year to satisfy the program.

Go to the citab webpage for more information or contact the Home Building Service on 1300 554 668 or your Industry Association.

Learning outcomes:

The content of a continuing professional development program must be of a significant knowledge or practical content, be relevant to the work covered by the licence and provide an educational outcome.

Training providers:

The continuing professional development program must be conducted by persons qualified to provide the training to be covered. All providers listed on this web site are required to meet minimum requirements. Make sure that the training or activity you undertake has been recognised for continuing professional development and has an activity number.

Compulsory and priority learning activities:

The Home Building Service may at times determine specific compulsory units or priority learning activities. Equally in any period a set of 'targeted outcomes' may be allocated additional points to encourage participation. If any of these are in your area then these will be listed on the web site.

Certification by licensee/certificate holder:

A licensee or qualified supervisor certificate holder must certify that they have achieved 100 points of continuing professional development in the previous three year period as part of the application for renewal of a licence.

Licensee/certificate holder record keeping:

A licensee or qualified supervisor certificate holder must keep a record of the actual activities undertaken and details of the points received.

The following records are acceptable:

Audit of licensee/certificate holder records:

Each year the Home Building Service will verify compliance with the scheme by conducting an audit of current licensees and qualified supervisor certificate holders. If it becomes apparent that false claims have been submitted, action may be taken against the individual licensee or qualified supervisor certificate holder to show cause as to why the licence or qualified supervisor certificate should not be suspended or cancelled.


In exceptional circumstances the Commissioner may exempt a licensee or certificate holder from completing part or all of the requirements for continuing professional development. Circumstances for granting an exemption are limited and may relate to serious illness or misadventure.

Non-compliance by a licensee/certificate holder:

Failure to fulfil the continuing professional development requirement may result in the Commissioner refusing an application for renewal of a licence or qualified supervisor certificate. The Commissioner may refuse an application if the applicant fails to comply with a condition on the licence relating to continuing professional development."



cdp4u offers a number of options in your choice of CPD.

We provide interesting short courses that are peripheral to the normal day-to-day activities you are already competent in, and therefore don't need to bore yourself by sitting-in on yet another irrelevant rave just to make-up the points.

Our courses are close enough to core business activities so as to improve the cutting edge of your business and site performance, without being so close to your core day-to-day operations as to be a repeat performance of what you are already competent in, but that you feel obliged to sit through just to make-up the points.

cpd4u courses value add to the function, as well as the growth, of your operation.

Each of our special CPD courses is a two-hour stand-alone module that may be completed one at a time, or in series with several others in a day (maximum of 3 per day, since six hours is generally what the brain can stand - we recognise that learning is a hard business!)

Our CPD courses include such choices as:

Oh, and we can provide the day-to-day competency affairs just in case you do have some staff who do need to improve their day-to-day competencies!

Note that we are capable of providing various longer courses, such as:

Of course, cpd4u - via SafeMeasure and ECS - can prepare specialist courses, and CPD points can be assigned as appropriate.


Our courses are educative, entertaining and enjoyable!

For information email:

 Hot Tip 1:

Earn cpd points by registering as a member of cpd4u and receive the following bonuses:

 Hot Tip 2:

You can earn cpd points by attending trade shows and conferences relevant to your industry. For example, shop fitters may earn points by attending a show relating to furniture - Find out more about trade shows and conferences that may assist you obtain points by visiting the Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd site at